About the Journal

Modern Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH), with an ISSN of 2795-4846 (Portugal), is an international, peer-reviewed, and open-access research journal that publishes scientific manuscripts from a selected range of social sciences and humanities. The journal offers an intellectual forum for theoretical and empirical analyses across the boundaries of a specific disciplinary focus, allowing researchers and scholars to pursue a multidisciplinary approach for the creation of new knowledge and solutions to contemporary issues. This online journal is published bimonthly by the Academic Journal Host Platform, which is included in many databases around the world. The manuscripts are rapidly peer-reviewed, authors are intimated accordingly, and acceptance to publication is processed at the earliest. A manuscript that demonstrates scientific accuracy and valuable contribution to any of the described fields of social sciences and humanities and meets the acceptable standards of research ethics and scientific rigor will be considered for possible publication. The authors may submit original research articles/empirical research, theoretically-oriented analyses/innovative conceptual review papers to the journal. For quick research article processing, please make sure that your manuscript is constructed as per the IEEE publication manual, meets an acceptable standard, and fits in with the prescribed scope of the journal. It should be clearly and concisely written in the English language for an international audience and documented according to the criteria laid down in the ‘guidelines for authors’ and specified in the paper template.